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Beach vs. Pool

For many, summer consists of time spent outdoors. Riding bikes in the neighborhood, playing basketball in the breezy weather, planning barbecue parties with friends– but what is summer without the water! Think about it. Have you ever had a summer without the beach or pool? Most people jump on the opportunity to go swimming, but given the choice, which is better, beach or pool?

For the nature enthusiasts, the natural beauty of land meeting water can be inspiring. Sitting on the beach with toes buried in the warm sand can put you into the deepest of trances. The fine miniature rocks that make up the terrain allow for quiet treading, such that your immediate surroundings are that of silent footsteps, adding to the peaceful isolation that can be found on the beach.

Sunrise walks on the beach with ocean water gently splashing onto your feet while looking for the perfect shell, there is no better way to spend your time! The salty smell with hints of coconut and pineapple (even if coming from suntan lotion!) triggers childhood memories.

Even more relaxing is the salty water with cool currents in deeper waters. This combined with the occasional pleasant surprise of a dolphin or sea turtle makes the experience even more surreal. The rippling of the water complements the sound of the waves unlike no other place in the world. Whether it is a small beach with a gentle current or a large beach carved out of rock by waves and molten lava, the idea that natural forces of the earth can create such a masterpiece lends to the unique experience of a beach.

That is of course until you are knocked down unexpectedly by an enormous crashing wave and left with ears ringing, sand in your mouth, and a cut on your leg. Then the fish start nipping at your leg and the thought of sharks in the area briefly enters your mind. Gone are the senses of natural beauty and survival instincts take over.

You are running out of the water in shock when you then accidentally step on a broken shell. As you try to recover from the pain, kids start running around kicking sand onto you. Loud boat engines, piercing music, and the smell of fuel overtake your senses. You go to sip your mocktail and find gritty sand between your teeth. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by throngs of people with empty chip bags and plastic cups blowing in the wind. You can’t see the beach anymore. It’s time to go to the pool.

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