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Cigus Vanni: The College Fairy

Cigus Vanni, known to many as the college fairy, is a dedicated college advisor for students in and around the city of Philadelphia. Cigus has been working with students since the 1980s and has more than the necessary credentials to do so.

As the first member of his family to attend college, Cigus received his first degree in English Literature and Psychology from Swarthmore College and his second in Education and Child Development from Bryn Mawr College. Since then Cigus has had many jobs related to education; he was a teacher, school counselor, college advisor, assistant dean, admissions counselor at Swarthmore College, and residential director at Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Cigus spreads his expertise across the greater Philadelphia area, guiding students through the challenging college admissions process. Cigus currently works with Project 440 and the Settlement Music School as a college coach, as well as assisting underrepresented students.

In his free time Cigus enjoys thrift shopping, specifically for college merchandise! Not only does Cigus know everything you need to know about all colleges in the country, but he is also well versed in odd facts and trivia. As a past Jeopardy contestant, Cigus is a five-time champion. Accredited for his Jeopardy wins as well as his success in regards to the college admissions process, Cigus likes to say he “know[s] stuff”, which he clearly does!

On Wednesday, April 20th, the College Fairy has so graciously offered to hold a seminar for Rocky readers and all who can attend! The seminar will concentrate on navigating the Common Application and will answer any questions surrounding the application process. Being a great opportunity to learn tips and tricks about the application process, be sure to tell all your friends and look out for the zoom link in the coming days!

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