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College Football Season

With college football in full swing, and bowl season approaching, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with several situations, and we are only going into week seven. While the majority of people I know are Penn State fans, I am more neutral when it comes to college football, as I had parents who didn’t go to big sports schools. Speaking of Penn State, Saturday night the #4 ranked Penn State lost a thriller to #3 ranked Iowa, losing by three in the dying embers. While not a complete upset, it boosted Iowa to a #2 AP ranking, trailing only Georgia.

Cincinnati, currently part of the AAC and (American Athletic Conference, not to be confused with the ACC, the Atlantic coast conference) soon to be part of the BIG 12, is ranked third, giving many AAC teams a chance to pull off an upset, which could easily shake up the rankings. Texas A&M upset the #1 ranked Alabama 41-38, dropping Alabama to the #5 spot. Boise State upset #10 ranked BYU just this week, and Kentucky moved up to #11 in the rankings after beating LSU 42-21, moving up from #16 last week. Even from this week prove, the only real takeaway from college football is: it will never be predictable. With so many different teams, you are always likely to experience an upset that you will remember forever. This is what makes college football so interesting and fun to watch for fans.

College football allows you the opportunity to see a team you’ve never even heard of, as well as the opportunity to make everyone hear about it. For example, take the University of Montana. Week one, they were paid to fly out and play The University of Washington, which was supposed to be an easy win, and they did, in fact, end up winning 13-7! It's these games that make college football so fun to watch.


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