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Conshohocken Fun Fest

The Conshohocken Funfest is an annual community event held in September that offers a day of fun for the whole family. The festival dates back to the fall of 1993. This year, it was held on Saturday, September 17th from 12 pm - 8 pm.

The day began with a friendly 5-kilometer race for all ages. Many main roads were closed for the entire event, making the run safe and enjoyable. Following the race, the day consisted of games, food, and drinks.

Outdoor dining was offered on 1st Avenue and Fayette Street. Craft vendors, businesses, and sponsor tables spanned the two blocks as well. The sponsors included the Great American Pub, Reach Climbing and Fitness, Conshohocken Dental Arts, Conshy Girls, and many other local businesses.

Accompanying the fun were musical guests, including Jamie Salvatore, The Red Hotts, The Zone, and Radio Nashville. The entire event was a smashing success, and a must-see for next year if you missed it.

While missing Funfest is disappointing, it is not too late to attend another event. Formerly known as Conshohocken Oktober Festival, the Montco Beer Festival will be held at Lulu Shriners in Plymouth Meeting.

The magic of the Conshohocken Oktober Festival will remain– the same vendors will attend the new event. There will be live music, great food, and 50 beers from local breweries for the adults to try! Better yet, there will be a free shuttle from Conshohocken to make it all the more convenient.

For the Greater Philadelphia Area, Conshohocken serves as a hub for community events and great dining. The festivals held in the fall are not to be missed!


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