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COVID-19: How to Help in Philadelphia

It’s more important now than ever to lend a helping hand to your local community. The COVID-19outbreak doesn’t mean we should stop working together to help others. Local organizations that provide help to individuals in need are facing a strain on their resources because of COVID-19. There are several ways to get involved whether it is volunteering time or donating that will help to make a difference. 

Donating is a simple way to make an immense impact. Many organizations have recently developed as a result of COVID-19, and are taking donations to help people in the Philadelphia area who have been affected by the virus. 

The PHL COVID-19 Fund gives grants to nonprofit organizations that have been successful in helping others. Specifically, the fund intends to meet the needs of Philadelphia amidst the pandemic. It’s now providing resources to nonprofit organizations who continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and wants to ensure that the community’s necessities remain available. Additionally, Philabundance is distributing emergency food boxes across nine local counties.

Supporting those suffering during COVID-19 is vital during this unprecedented time. A way to do this is by helping out the homeless through places like Project HOME, where basic items are needed like bottled water, toiletries, masks, and hand sanitizer. Additionally, The Sunday Love Project is now serving meals to go, instead of sit-down meals, and it is in need of volunteers willing to make sandwiches or snack bags for the homeless. 

Besides donations, offering your time makes a positive impact. Helping out these organizations will lead to overcoming current hardships.

Also, reaching out to those who may feel lonely, such as senior citizens, can brighten their day. Self-isolation has been recommended to senior citizens, who have a higher risk during the pandemic, leading to mental health issues. Many organizations have been addressing this issue, and are currently welcoming volunteers and donations. Community Senior Services provides food, social engagement, and other services to seniors, and The Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging is in need of food and medical supply donations. In general, Philly We Rise has developed a mutual aid survey where services like prescription pick-up, grocery delivery, and transportation to local neighbors are offered by volunteers. 

Simply volunteering time or donating necessities that are in higher demand during the pandemic will help to make a significant difference.  It’s imperative we work together to help others so we can overcome adversities as a community. 


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