Greater Philadelphia School Reopening Plans

By Ava Olsen '21

As COVID-19 continues to threaten the health and safety of the Greater Philadelphia area, private schools along the Main Line have developed various plans for students to safely return to their respective campuses in the fall. However, with varying reopening plans from school to school, there still remains lots of confusion among Main Line students and parents alike. 

From Ethan Glass '21

Julia Veith, a rising senior at Penn Charter, says that she is unsure of her school’s reopening plans. “Penn Charter currently has 3 different plans that can be switched easily if the conditions of the virus change: if it gets worse, we can switch to one, if it gets better, we can switch to another. Overall, the school has been pretty ambiguous about what we are going to do on September 8th: our first day of school,” Veith said. 

As the number of cases in Philadelphia continues to fluctuate, private schools on the Main Line have to continuously alter their reopening plans. 

Currently, most schools have a combination of in-person and online learning, but these proposals are bound to change before September. Until further notice, stay tuned for more information, as there will be an updated version of this article by the end of August explaining the final reopening plans for Main Line schools.

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