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Letter From The Editor

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Greater Philadelphia Community, 

Our staff is very excited about the launch of The Rocky. The Rocky will serve as a collaborative platform for all high school students and adolescents across the entire Greater Philadelphia area, and our hope is to create a closer-knit community.

I am an incoming Senior at Germantown Academy and have served my school paper, The Edition, for the past three years, and this coming year will be my fourth. The Edition has been my home since day one of my high school experience. While intimidating at first, I found this to be a place where my passion was a norm and I could be transparent with my community. I am so grateful for that, and for my adviser’s help in boosting my confidence in my writing that has ultimately brought me to where I am. 

Journalism has been such an integral part of my life and who I am. I hid from my passion for a long time, but a combination of working with my school paper, writing my own memoir about my identity, participating in The National High School Journalism Institute, and now interning at The Jewish Exponent, I realized that writing is a huge part of who I am and how I have navigated high school: I wrote my own story. 

I want to share this passion with the staff, our audience, and the community. Journalism plays such a vital role in society, and it is important to recognize its purpose: to inform the public of the absolute truth and to look out for the community at large. The Rocky will focus on quality over quantity, meaning that we want to see our staff grow as writers and this starts with immediately implementing the fundamentals of journalism into our publication. We hope to connect with our community by highlighting various local businesses and interviewing influential figures of the Philadelphia area in addition to our traditional features. 

Additionally, Jess Wolfe, senior at Penn Charter, will be the Media Editor-in-Chief for The Rocky, working on the community’s engagement with our publication, and the overall improvement of our readers’ experiences. 

I founded The Rocky to give students and aspiring journalists like myself another opportunity to follow and pursue their passion outside of their school papers, and a chance to connect with high school students across the entire Philadelphia area. The entire editorial board and I are very excited about the launch of this new platform and our first issue which will be released gradually, starting this week!


Maddie Gamburg


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