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Penn State Revenge

Penn State football has been a rollercoaster for the past few years. One of those years included the big upset during the Penn State vs. Ohio State game. In 2016, Penn State beat Ohio State. In a very tight game, fans and players were starting to lose hope. Suddenly, Penn State's former linebacker and now current NFL player, Marcus Allen, blocked a field goal attempt from Ohio State. The team recovered the ball and ran the entire distance for the winning touchdown. The crowd went crazy and celebrated a win against their rival. Ever since, Penn State has not beaten Ohio State.

Although this year's season was promising, unfortunately, Ohio State beat Penn State 44-31. Ohio State knocked Penn State out of the running for the Big Ten East title just this month. Before the loss against Ohio State, they had an outstanding and notable season with a record of 6-2. The record held them at 11th in the overall standings. Following that, the team had two easy games, one against Indiana and the other against Maryland. Currently, Penn State is 10-2 and is ranked 8th overall.

What's next for Penn State? Their last game was Saturday the 26th. Penn State was favored over Michigan State to win. They ended up winning 35-16. This game brought their record to an outstanding 10-2 to finish the regular season, leaving them in a fantastic spot for the postseason.

After Saturday's win, Head Coach James Franklin said, "Yeah. … I think it's still important to go to the biggest and the best games you possibly can in the postseason. Whether that is a New Year's Six bowl game or whatever, there's still value in it." As many hope for, Penn State has a chance at a New Year's Six bowl.

Penn State last played in a New Year's Six bowl in 2019. That year, they played in the Cotton Bowl. This year, as much as fans want them in the Rose Bowl, they have a higher shot for the Cotton Bowl once again. Penn State would face the winner of the Tulane-Central Florida AAC championship game. The final prediction for the Cotton Bowl is Penn State vs. Tulane.

Penn State's determination and desire to be the best have led them to a great season. They go on to one of the top five bowls and hope to win the title from the Cotton Bowl. As we look into the future for next season, new recruits and promising young players will come, and old players will go, but one thing is for sure– Penn State will never stop fighting.

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