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Pumpkin Spice: Underrated or Overrated?

Imagine walking up to a Starbucks accompanied by the sounds of leaves crunching as you take each step. Feeling the chilly air while breathing in the aromatic scent of an early fall morning. Witnessing the transformation of green turning into shades of red and orange. As you walk into the store, the bittersweet aroma of coffee beans mixed with hints of scented candles pervade the room.

The hissing of the cappuccino machine and the sound of creaky wood planks blended with muted conversations fill the space. Pumpkin spice is often associated with fall and the feeling of comfort. Pumpkin spice “season” typically starts in September and ends in December. From the hot warm sun to the cool calming weather, pumpkin spice is something that transitions you from summer to fall. Pumpkin spice in the fall is akin to Gingerbread during Christmas; you can’t have one without the other.

While many might think that pumpkin spice is overhyped, I think that it’s perfectly rated. Even if people think that the flavor is overrated, there are many who love it-- making it equally balanced. The flavor itself brings a comforting holiday feeling and it fits very well with the excitement of fall. The pumpkin spice flavor is versatile as it goes well with anything sweet or bitter. Without Starbucks though, many people likely would not know what pumpkin spice is, and it would not be so largely commercialized.

Pumpkin spice also complements the month of October very well. Carving pumpkins, making pumpkin pie or bread, and roasting pumpkin seeds are all activities correlated with pumpkin spice. Whatever it is, the flavor brings a certain aspect of comfort to many. Now some may argue that other flavors such as apple cider or cinnamon overshadow that of pumpkin spice. However, pumpkin spice has a strong seasonal feel making it unique and special, more so than those other flavors.

There are varying opinions on what makes pumpkin spice good or bad. People may think it has limited potential with a narrow scope of food or drinks. Some prefer cold over hot beverages and feel that pumpkin spice is only good for warm drinks. Some may have never tried pumpkin spice. Whatever the criticism, few can deny the strong feelings of warmth and comfort that pumpkin spice creates in many people, including myself. So if you doubt its potential, next time you walk into a coffee shop during the fall, try the Pumpkin Spice Latte. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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