Start of NFL Season

With the NFL season beginning this week, everybody in the Philadelphia area is excited to see what this season has in store. Although many people are disappointed with Governor Wolf’s decision to not allow the Eagles to host sporting events this year, many NFL teams are allowed to host fans depending on the decision of their state Governor. Only two teams will have fans at their stadium in week one, including the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It seems that the decision by the NFL to let the state Governors decide whether or not a team can house fans could be seen as unfair by fans across the country. Although the NFL season may have fans throughout the season, it will not be the same for anyone—players and fans alike seeing the stadiums empty as they will be. 

Another reason to be excited about the NFL season's start is figuring out which player will be the breakout player of the season. In every NFL season, there will always be a player that no one expected to break out and perform on the level that they end up playing on. For example, in 2016, Terrelle Pryor, a former quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, decided to make the change to wide receiver, after struggling to make rosters as a quarterback throughout the 2014 season. In 2015, the Browns took a chance and signed Terrelle Pryor to their practice squad. Terrelle would end up making their 52 man roster in 2016 and finished that season with 77 receptions, 1,007 yards, and 4 touchdown catches in his first real season as a receiver. Almost always, when these players breakout, the results they produce are often unsustainable, and are unable to reproduce the results in the next season due to lofty expectations from fans and coaches alike. However, it is always exciting to see an underdog story in the NFL and seeing someone succeed with all odds against them. With the underdog story, most people can’t help but root for some players. The stories of some NFL players are awe-inspiring, and show how hard some of these players have worked to get to the point they are at in life.

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