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The Bachelorette: Two People Instead of One

The Bachelorette is part of the well-known Bachelor reality TV series. Typically, one woman, the bachelorette, simultaneously “dates'' 30 men while they travel to various vacation spots. The series has been experiencing drama over the past few seasons, especially with the criticism of racism stemming from previous contestants and famous host Chris Harrison. However, in an effort to increase show viewings, the series has made a very significant change to the upcoming 19th season of The Bachelorette—there will be two women instead of one.

This is the first time in Bachelorette history that there will be two women handing out roses, leaving Bachelor Nation with several questions about how the new season will work. The women filling the two spots are Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. The Bachelorette co-stars were first introduced to Bachelor Nation in season 26 of The Bachelor, which was Clayton Echard’s season.

The series announced that both women will date the same pool of men for the entire season. ABC announced this twist on the season finale of The Bachelor, surprising all of Bachelor Nation and the two women, who had no idea about the twist.

ABC has explained that the twist also comes out of sympathy for the girls, who were completely blindsided by Clayton's season when he did not choose anyone for the final rose. Despite this, the girls still managed to build a strong friendship with each other, making the platform’s decision very exciting for them.

The new season premieres on June 11. The question we’re all wondering is: what will happen if both girls want the same guy? The Bachelor series is known for being manipulative and pitting contestants against each other, so many hope that the series will leave the girls’ friendship undamaged and with both of them finding love.



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