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The Best Thanksgiving Foods

As Thanksgiving passes us this year, the argument of the best part of the holiday's renowned meal passes with it. The wide array of foods has become the hallmark of this day, but which comes out on top? With all those leftovers sitting in your fridge, what is the food you reach for? The mashed potatoes, the turkey, mac and cheese, or maybe even pumpkin pie are just a few of the fan favorites.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving is most likely the turkey. YouGovAmerica conducted a survey with 1,300 participants that compared two Thanksgiving foods to one another. Turkey won 83% of its matchups, proving that the turkey is the star. It's no wonder given that it's an iconic dish. No matter if it's roasted, smoked, or BBQ, it stands out on the dinner table.

Moving on to the second most popular dish, mashed potatoes. In the same study, just below turkey, with a 78% rate of being chosen, mashed potatoes are clearly a fan favorite. Because boiled potatoes with some butter, heavy cream and salt are the basis of this dish, it stands out as a more simple side. Nonetheless, it holds its ground, and is often accompanied with other related sides, such as scalloped potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Following mashed potatoes, only behind by 1%, stands stuffing. Coming in at 77% of matchups won, stuffing, a mixture of bread or another starch, vegetables, and herbs, is another popular side. Being a part of the classic Thanksgiving meals since 1836, it's a long standing part of the holiday. Although in my experience stuffing isn't a fan favorite for kids and teens, it's something you come to like or even love over time.

Finally, something surprising follows the classics above. Dinner rolls are next on the list at 74% of matchups won. Although it can be debated if bread rolls are truly a side, that doesn't take away from their wide spread enjoyment. It may not be what you think of when you think of Thanksgiving, but rolls were no doubt on your table this year. No matter if it's one of the dishes listed above, or a personal favorite, Thanksgiving is a holiday full of delicious foods that fill your dinner table.


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