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The Death of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth, the former reigning monarch of England died a couple weeks ago on Thursday, September 8th. She lived to the age of 96, having a rule that lasted 70 years. The Queen reigned for 15 prime ministers, including Winston Churchill. She passed away in her Scottish estate where she spent most of her summer.

The reaction to her death was largely grief, however some people have pointed out the negative things Britain has done during her reign. Colonialism is a large part of English history, and the Queen has been heavily criticized for her actions. Her supporters argue that the mourning period is not the time to be disrespectful to the late queen, especially since the monarch has had little power in the 20th century.

The Queen’s dead husband, Prince Phillip, lived until 99. He died in 2021. They met through letters that the prince would send her while he served in the royal navy, they went on to marry for 74 years– a marriage about equal to the average life span.

The Prime Minister has mourned the Queen by saying she was the foundation modern Britain was built on, and "provided us with the stability and strength that we needed". This sentiment seems common among the British people, most of which have lived completely under the Queen’s reign.

As the eldest son of the queen, Prince Charles III has been named the new King of England. The Queen's funeral was held on September 19th, including 2000 guests and various British royalty. Official documents released, show the Queen’s cause of death as “old age” and nothing further.

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