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The Imitation Game: The Review

The Imitation Game was released in 2014, but not until March 28, 2022 did it go on Netflix. Since then, thousands of people have been able to enjoy the film with a subscription. But is it worth the hour and fifty-four minutes?

Based on a true story, the film is about Alan Turing, a professor of theoretical computer science, who is brought into a secret government program built to crack the unbreakable Enigma code. The code was used by the German military to send messages without the Allies understanding them.

Alan’s ego clashes with his coworkers as he attempts to solve the puzzle on his own. He begins constructing a machine to decrypt the Enigma code. He builds a capable team, falls in love with a coworker, and succeeds in cracking the German’s code.

While the film is historically accurate, it has its flaws. The machine in the movie was named Christopher, yet Turing really named it the Bombe. In the film, Turing is portrayed as an egotistical man who develops Christopher on his own. However, mathematician Gordon Welchman was Turing’s partner in real life. Finally, the movie describes Turing’s death as suicide. They regret to mention that he was killed by cyanide poisoning.

Socially, The Imitation Game comments on homophobia. Alan Turing was a homosexual in a time when it was illegal to be gay in Britain. He lived his whole life behind a large secret. A theme of the movie is Alan’s struggle with his sexuality. In the end, his true identity is revealed and he is forced to undergo harmful hormone therapy. Conveying the message to embrace oneself, the cruelty of society is criticized.

Furthermore, sexism is a common theme addressed in the movie. Joan Clarke is the only female who helps on the project. Her parents act as a roadblock on her way to being a great mathematician. As a commentary on female oppression, Joan serves as a symbol of developing gender roles and the ability of a woman to do a “man’s job”.

As a whole, the movie was very entertaining. It turned a historical event in a dark time in history into something fun for the whole family. While being educational, the combination of conflict and suspense keeps viewers watching. The film makes a strong emotional impact, displaying the tragic, yet beautiful, life of Alan Turing. Be sure to have a box of tissues on hand when you stream The Imitation Game.


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