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The Rebranding of Bryn + Dane’s: Pivot for a Purpose

By Maddyn Shapiro

Plymouth Whitemarsh '21

Bryn + Dane’s has always been a popular restaurant in the area for healthy fast food such as smoothies, wraps, salads, and more. However, the restaurant has recently announced its rebranding, and will become known as Fudi of which will feature a 100% plant-based menu starting in February.

Bryn Davis, the founder of Bryn + Dane’s, shared in a social media post that with the Coronavirus pandemic, they were given the option to “panic or pivot,” and ultimately chose to pivot with the introduction of Fudi and the reinvention of a brand that will truly reflect their new values. In the same post, he explained they do not want the credit or capital because they are not doing this for themselves, but they hope to make a positive impact on the food industry and world by spreading opportunity for others.

Davis has been pursuing his goals of serving healthy, convenient, delicious food, and is even moving international, which has greatly impacted him to move forward with rebranding. After a trip through the Kenyan/Ugandan border, Davis chose to change his brand to reflect the new values he had obtained in the challenging 2020, and it will now focus on a plant powered menu and opening in areas facing food scarcity and insecurity, such as one of their new locations in Entebbe, Uganda.

Davis claimed that he wanted his brand to reflect the ideals of health, humaneness, and helping others, which he hopes to live by. Furthermore, he hopes to challenge the typically unhealthy food industry that the nation has formed. He wants to move away from environmentally damaging systems, which is why their menu is changing to being solely plant-based. They are working with chefs from around the world to offer innovative ideas that are even more flavorful than before. Additionally, since fast food businesses have typically been known for their low salaries and unsanitary working conditions, he wants to continue to have a humane working environment with adequate wages.

“Giving their restaurants away” is a main idea that Davis hopes to implement by changing his restaurant’s name and purpose in order to make a bigger impact on the world and those in need.


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