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The Rocky 2022-2023: Year in Review

The Rocky has now completed its third successful year of publication. While topics and writers have changed over the past few years, the quality and quantity of articles has remained consistent. The amount of viewers soared in this past year, and the site has been more successful than ever before.

While The Rocky has maintained its original mission, the 2022-2023 edition had some changes. This year we added a poetry section which had several published pieces. Furthermore, we added writer bios which allow readers to see which school each writer goes to, a picture, and their email. The new feature also allows viewers to select a writer and see all the articles that they have published.

For the 2022-2023 edition of The Rocky, between the months of September to May, there were 2,061 new site sessions. In the past month alone the site has attracted 114 unique visitors whose average time on the site was just over two minutes. Between parents, friends, and community members, the site has attracted the attention of hundreds of people who return each month to read new articles.

Between the months of September to May, we have published 52 articles from more than 15 different writers. Each article went through multiple editing phases beginning with a copy editor, desk editor, and then one final look by the managing editor.

Our writers themselves have been instrumental in the production of this year's edition of The Rocky. We have more than 15 returning writers from previous years as well as more than 6 new writers for the publication. As seniors leave and freshmen enter, The Rocky has spread further amongst the schools it has already reached.

Looking to the 2023-2024 edition, The Rocky has many goals. We would like to increase site activity by developing our social media presence, specifically by reaching other students. Additionally, as some of our writers are seniors, we would like to increase our staff and grow the publication as a whole.

As Editor-in-Chief and a Rocky member for the past three years, this organization has made me feel closer to my community. Working with other students from all different schools has taught me how to lead, communicate, write, and edit effectively.

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