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Ukraine and Russia Standoff and NATO’s Role

Updated: Jan 12

Ukraine, which used to be part of Russia, became independent and has since forged its own relations with the West, specifically the US and NATO. This event resulted in tensions with Russia and led to a long war that has them now positioning themselves to invade Ukraine. NATO and the US have shown support to Ukraine as they try to stop Russia at the Ukraine border, and now tensions between NATO and Russia are at an all-time high.

Russian officials are focusing on the 2015 Minsk Peace Deal, which was designed to end the conflict after the Russian annexation of Crimea. However, they are accusing Ukraine of not complying with the deal. Furthermore, Russia wanted to ensure that Ukraine never had a part in NATO after they became independent as it posed a threat as NATO expanded into the east. Vladamir Putin, the Russian Kremlin, stated that “It’s not us moving toward NATO, it’s NATO moving toward us” (Putin).

On the other side of the standoff, however, is Ukraine. There are many critics of the peace deal that the Russians are referencing, and they said they will support the agreement only if it is reconstructed. Ukraine stated they are open to speaking with Russia in a third country.

With this rising tension in the east, NATO and the US have had to decide how best to support Ukraine, and how much involvement they want in this as they don’t want to further escalate any tensions in their own countries. The US and other allies have shown support for the 2015 Minsk Deal but called on all sides of the party to uphold their agreement. The Biden administration has rejected Russia’s demands on NATO to take troops out of countries in the alliance. Instead, they have asked Russia to remove their forces in Ukraine and halt the tension.

With the increased number of troops at the border, NATO has sent supplies to Ukraine. Though Russia has denied an intent to invade, the troops and weaponry at the border say otherwise; thus, the opposing sides need to take the threat seriously. However, all sides are willing to talk and possibly negotiate for peace. This issue is more than just Russia and Ukraine as it is affecting global security and peace.


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