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Vacationing During Spring Break

Spring break can be viewed as the start of summer. The warm weather, the golden tans, the rosy sunburns, the fresh food, and the beautiful pictures the sun paints in the sky are things everyone looks forward to– other than the staff at a spring break destination hotel. Although spring break is a week of glorious life, it can also be considered one of the busiest times of year to travel. Everyone wants to leave their stressful hometowns for a tropical, relaxing vacation.

Imagine, you’re sitting by the beach in Florida, a refreshing drink in your hands, the lovely sounds of waves crashing, the wind breezing past your face, and the birds chirping on this sunny perfect day. That’s what you hope for, but you’re still on the plane crammed with 100 other people trying to relax for your vacation while the sound of babies crying crowds your ears.

You arrive in Florida and call for a taxi, except there are none because of the other travelers looking for a ride. Finally, you get to your hotel, except no one is coming towards you with a cold cucumber-infused water, because everyone’s busy checking in other people.

You turn to the beach as your last resort. Certainly, that will be relaxing. Except there are no chairs left and you are forced to lay a towel down on the sand, with the towel blowing up in your face every 30 seconds and kids running around. Now you’re thinking, “Maybe I should’ve gone to Aruba after all”.

Many other tropical places provide all the things that Florida does. The Caribbean and tropical islands are sometimes crowded, but since there are so many places to go, it will be less crowded than in the United States.

Personally, I prefer a spring break vacation at a resort. Resorts provide everything that I’m looking for in a perfect vacation– poolside beverages, stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and so much more. Resorts make it so that you don’t even have to leave the hotel.

Although, there are other types of “vacation people”. Some like to explore and go on hikes. Others like to go somewhere with different cultures to experience. Some people just enjoy staying at home and relaxing in their own town. Whatever your preferred vacation, spring break can be relaxing in many different ways. Whether you’re trying to find chairs on a beach in Florida, hiking in California, sitting by the pool in the Caribbean, or laying in your bed until noon– spring break can be enjoyable for all.

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