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What Will The Eagles Do?

By Ari Lasdon '22

Germantown Academy

With the NFL playoffs in full swing, Eagles fans have to watch from the sidelines all while their team is falling apart. How you may ask? Well, Eagles coach of 5 years, Doug Pederson was fired on the 11th of January, and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz also resigned.

You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for the Eagles organization’s future? Now, with a very messed up quarterback room and division inside the locker room, someone new will be tasked with leading this Eagles team to the promised land. As an Eagles fan, I was very high on San Francisco defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Saleh made great players out of nothing and was able to function with injuries across the board. As injuries are a common theme among the Eagles, it made me jump to the definitive answer that Robert Saleh could be the answer to this organization. However, Robert Saleh was hired by the jets to serve as their newest head coach.

With rumors flying around, the head coaching job has been rumored to be Duce Staley, all the way to Josh McDaniels. The rumor of Josh McDaniels is quite an interesting one, as he was once on his way to becoming the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, but backed out before anything could become official. This caused the Eagles to lose their offensive coordinator, Frank Reich. Instead of the rumors holding true, the Eagles hired former Colts Offensive Coordinator Nick Sirianni, continuing down the Andy Reid coaching tree. As an Eagles fan, this seems like a very good move as it reminds us of the move by the Rams in hiring Sean McVay. I hope Nick Sirianni can bring the Eagles back to where they belong: the promised land.

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