Our Mission

The Rocky is an independent student-run newspaper produced by high school students from across the entire Greater Philadelphia Area. We are committed to publishing captivating news stories, opinion pieces, and most importantly, accurate news. The Rocky seeks to address the importance of reporting to inform the public of the absolute truth. 
The Rocky is committed to protecting its integrity, as we want to be trusted by our audience. Our paper’s duty is to its readers and the community at large. We look out for the public good. We are objective with our news and value a diversity of news and sources. The paper was inspired in light of the strong desire to fulfill its essential role in the community, to inform the public, and inform the public we will.  This platform will be used to make voices heard, and through the paper, we hope to create a closer-knit community amongst teens of the Greater Philadelphia area. 
Our name, The Rocky best suits our mission. Rocky Balboa, a fictional character from the Rocky film series is Philadelphians’ pride. Rocky’s pride for the city of Philadelphia and perseverance is admirable and that is something we want to endure. As a team of passionate journalists, we pledge to work hard to grow as journalists and connect with the community.
Founded by Madeline Gamburg, Germantown Academy Class of 2021