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An End to a Controversial Saga

Following a life surrounded by controversy, this past month, the seventy-six-year-old infamous former NFL star, OJ Simpson passed away on April 10, 2024, in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Simpson’s background was stained with distrust and intrigue, after several years as a professional football player, Simpson was acquitted in the murky 1994 deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald L. Goldman in a criminal court. A civil court jury later found him liable for the deaths. Following his 2008 conviction on armed robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, and other charges stemming from his attempt to recover allegedly stolen memorabilia, he served nine years of a 33-year sentence. His incarceration was widely viewed as an overdue punishment for his homicidal actions in 1994.

Last May, Simpson announced in a social media post that he had an unspecified type of cancer. In two videos posted in February, Simpson assured his followers, insisting that he was healthy and denying that he had been in hospice care. Simpson's death certificate was released last week and confirms his cause of death was Prostate cancer. Despite the rumors that surrounded his death, Simpson’s illness ultimately did him in. 

The former athlete leaves behind five children with two wives: two children with his late ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and three children with his first wife, Marguerite Whitley. 

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