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Christmas in New York

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holidays in New York are a breathtaking sight. Between the varied activities NYC has to offer alone and the additional holiday events, there are a variety of adventures to choose from -- leaving you with a multitude of options to explore the city. 

To begin with, a major holiday-specific activity in New York is the Winter Village at Bryant Park. This consists of more than 100 shops including food, clothes, household items, and more holiday inspired gifts. Most of the shops are small businesses and local vendors that offer a unique selection of intricate handmade items. Amongst the center of these vendors is a 1,700 square foot ice skating rink bustling with energy ranging from young joyful kids and seasoned elderly skaters. This is surrounded by a restaurant called “The Lodge” and other pop-up eateries full of warmth and traditional holiday treats. The Winter Village is the epitome of the holidays. Nothing beats sipping freshly made hot chocolate and nibbling on warm gingerbread cookies, while listening to Christmas music playing in the background. People come from as far as Philadelphia and Boston to enjoy time with family and friends, while also celebrating with international visitors. In addition to this village, there is a large Christmas tree in the middle of the park. There is no doubt that you will not be disappointed after your trip to Bryant Park.

Another prime spot for holiday spirit is the Rockefeller Center. Here you can find the big Christmas tree in which many travel to New York to see, and also where the performances of the Rockettes take place. This famous Christmas tree was lit on November 29 and will stay lit until January 13. The tree topper is a 900 pound Swarovski star that was designed in 2018. Meanwhile, the popular Rockettes provide an excellent holiday performance with its trademark kick line. They perform at the Radio City Music Hall in the Rockefeller center and their dance routine will have you on the edge of your seat. 

While these are just a few spots for holiday excitement, there are many other places in New York City that promise holiday spirit. Other fun activities include the Macy's display, the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights, the Union Square Holiday Market, and many more. Have fun enjoying the holiday cheer throughout New York City!

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