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High School Democrats of Pennsylvania Virtual Mini-Summit on August 9

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

By: Lily Solomon '21

On Sunday, August 9th from 3-5 p.m, the High School Democrats of Pennsylvania is hosting a virtual Mini-Summit. Members and non-members will be able to speak with college staffers, political organizers, and exquisite speakers. High school students will have the opportunity to talk about the candidates and how democracy works in America. 

The High School Democrats of America is an organization dedicated to providing a platform for youth involvement in local and national politics. Each year, the High School Democrats of Pennsylvania have an in-person summit where students have the opportunity to meet local candidates and keynote speakers. Due to the pandemic, the summit has now become a virtual Mini-Summit. 

Politics can be extremely confusing, whether it’s discussing current events, following the news, or research of candidates. This summit will help eliminate some of those worries by having the opportunity to talk to politicians, other teens, and campaign management one-on-one. 

The President of High School Democrats of America, Ethan Sarwer, a rising senior at Wissahickon High School, believes that it is important for high school students to learn about local candidates and the Mini-Summit will be a prime way to get involved in politics. Further, the Mini-Summit will allow students to be, “inroad with some local politicians” said Sarwer.

Knowing local politicians is important, Sarwer says, “because everything they do affects you. They truly are the voice on important matters in the community whether that is the local, state, or national level.” 

Additionally, there will be many candidates at the summit.  Deb Ciamacca is running for the 168th district, in Harrisburg, for State Representative. She fights for gun control, fights for healthcare for all Pennsylvanians, and brings good wages to the state. Rep. Christina Sappey is running for the 158th District, in Chester County, for State Representative. Chris works to create an opportunity for all, protecting the environment, and providing affordable healthcare. Rep. Steve Malagari is running for the 53rd Legislative District, in Montgomery County, for State Representative. He advocates for working and middle-class families, wants everyone to have affordable health care and wants to improve education. Nina Ahmad is running for Auditor General. She would be the first woman of color to be a state-wide executive and is a strong advocate for women and communities of color. She fights for equal pay, healthcare for all, disability rights, climate change and so much more. 

Schedule for HSDPA Virtual Mini-Summit 2020

The summit will be a good way to learn more about politics, and students can sign up for the virtual event by clicking here.

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