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Home For The Holidays, Here For The Gifts

The holidays are quickly approaching, and in a disastrous year, everyone needs a little holiday joy. Warm foods, bright lights, family time, cozy blankets, and most importantly, presents are just what we all need to turn our 2020 around.

Many will be finding their gifts online this year. Online shopping makes it so easy to click a button and get a gift delivered right to your front door without having to leave the house. Not only is it Covid-19 safe, it is also super simple to find a gift when you have millions of options on hand.

So many options makes it hard to narrow it down to the perfect gift! Can’t think of the perfect gift for a loved one? Well, here is your guide to great gifts for your family and friends for this holiday season.

Of course anyone would appreciate a gift card, but a more personal gift is always nice too! On Amazon, there is a gift guide for everyone who you could need a gift for.

Amazon has numerous top picks for women: winter hats, books, mugs, and many other items. Since everyone has been spending a lot of time at home, an activity to do in the house is a great idea. A book, cooking supplies, fuzzy socks, beauty care, such as a face mask, and home decorations could all make great gifts.

For men, finding a great gift may be even harder. One gift that you could never go wrong with is a DIY (do it yourself) kit. Amazon sells DIY hot sauce kits, gin kits, candle kits, and so much more. Not only are these items someone would want, but it creates a fun activity! Other ideas include books, a new wallet, or a game such as jenga.

Teens can also be tough to shop for because what they like and dislike is always changing! With more time spent at home and on screens, a new activity to do would be a great gift for both boys and girls, along with items to be used with their technology.

For teenage boys, one of the most desired gifts are the newest video games. Of course this depends on the person, but you could almost never go wrong with a new headset, controller, or game. You can also never go wrong with sports equipment, puzzles, or clothes!

For teen girls, a great gift would be a desk organizer since kids have been spending a lot more time at home during school. Another great gift is a gift card to a clothing store. This can be personal because you pick the store, but they will be able to choose the items they want. Another fun gift could be a tie dye kit which can be an entertaining activity with great results!

Finally, for younger kids, any toys are sure to be loved. With being at home so much, young kids can get disinterested in the toys they have been playing with for the past year, so anything different they would love!

While some people are easy to shop for because you know their interests, others may be more difficult. A great choice for all ages is a nice fuzzy blanket, candy or seasonal foods, or a puzzle.

While online shopping is always easy, be sure to also try and support small businesses. There are many you can find in the area and online. One which you can find on our instagram, @therockyphilly is Obsessed with Sweats (@obsessedwithsweats).

Obsessed with Sweats has the cutest tie dye sweatpants, sweatshirts, and masks for all ages and sizes! They also have a donation of the month where they donate to an organization for that month. Buying a gift from this business supports the local business, donates to an organization, and provides a great gift!

There are many other similar businesses which are great to support such as Power of Blue, Frosted for a Cure, and ERS apparel which can all be found on our instagram.

With these ideas in mind, every child and adult is different and may like different things! With these products to get you started, finding the perfect gift will not be hard with the internet at your disposal! Happy Holidays, and happy shopping!

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