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New Years Resolutions

Each passing year, as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st and the magical silver ball drops in Time Square, millions of people around the world make hopeless New Year's resolutions, with the goal of improving a certain aspect of their lives. While many of these goals are physical, feeble attempts to live a healthier lifestyle, others can be less drastic, like a desire to discover a new hobby or to begin writing in a journal. Nevertheless, many individuals fail to set goals that are actually feasible throughout the entirety of the calendar year. In order to propose a realistic and attainable resolution, there are two ways to ensure a successful resolution come next December. 

Setting achievable and specific goals is crucial in making New Year's resolutions more effective. Instead of making broad and overwhelming statements like "I want to get in shape," consider defining specific actions such as "I will exercise three times a week for 30 minutes." Or instead of abiding by a goal to “save money,” it can be helpful to purchase a cookbook and strive to eat 4 home cooked meals a week instead of eating out. If you are able to set these realistic, more manageable goals that align with your schedule, they may seem less daunting and improve your likelihood of actually following through with your goal. What may have previously been perceived as unattainable, can now seem reachable by breaking your resolution into smaller steps. 

Another way to more effectively make New Year's resolutions is to establish accountability and support systems with loved ones. It is inevitable that there will be days when you feel discouraged or unsuccessful, so it is vital that you share your resolutions with friends, family members, or mentors who will consistently provide you with encouragement and advice. Moreover, it is helpful to consider joining groups or communities with similar goals. Not only does a trusty support network keep you motivated, but they also hold you accountable to periodically track your progress. While this strategy allows you to regularly see your physical development, it can be even more mentally beneficial as it encourages you to celebrate these small victories along the way, and ultimately boosts your confidence. 

By utilizing these approaches, you can transform your New Year's resolutions from aspirations into tangible achievements that incentivize your own growth and self-esteem. The reality of successful resolution-making is dependent upon your ability to break down your goals and utilize the people you can trust in life. As the countdown to the mesmerizing ball drop of 2024 ticks down, implement these strategies to enter the New Year with revised resolutions and a clearer path toward achieving your goals.


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