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The Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the longest standing horticultural event in the nation's history. The spectacular event took place last month from March 4th to the 12th and attracted more than 250,000 attendees from around the globe.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is orchestrated by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society which was founded in 1827 by a group of farmers. The group organizes hundreds of tourists and designers from around the world to create 3D, interactive experiences for guests. This year the society celebrated its 194th show and the theme was “The Garden Electric”.

The flower show was moved back indoors to the Philadelphia Convention Center after being temporarily outside due to the pandemic. This year’s show featured the Philly brass band ‘Snacktime’ along with a large marketplace, floral arranging classes, food and beverage options, and other activities.

One of the most popular interactive experiences includes the ‘Butterflies Live!’ show. The show includes a beautiful garden of native butterflies with experts to answer questions and teach guests how to attract butterflies into their own backyards.

Another popular attraction is the early admissions tour of the flower show. Guests can come early to take a tour before the show is open to the public each day to get a behind the scenes look at the flower spectacles. Seeing the exhibits and learning about the design measures taken to create the flower show is very interesting to viewers and highly recommended.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is a huge part of the city's history and such a wonderful way to experience modern floral design and culture. The audience continues to grow each year and many guests return for a new and unique experience.


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