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Valentines Day- Overrated or Underrated?

February 14th is a date that has a place in everyone's hearts. Valentine’s Day: a day full of hearts and love. Although, is this day sufficient enough to be labeled as a national holiday? Valentine’s Day shows up on everyone's calendars, but why? Should there really be a day reserved for “love?”

The Roman festival of Lupercalia-inspired Valentine's Day began as a Christian feast day dedicated to an early Christian martyr known as Saint Valentine. Claudius, the Roman emperor, had banned all engagements and marriages, but Valentine defied this by secretly marrying young couples. When Claudius discovered his actions, he had him beaten and killed. Right before his execution, Valentine wrote a note to a friend, signing it "From, your Valentine," beginning the tradition of Valentine’s Day. Valentine's Day has evolved into an important cultural and economic festival of romance and love in many parts of the world thanks to later folk traditions. In Greek mythology, Cupid is the child of Venus, the goddess of love, and Mercury, the messenger of the gods. The offspring of these two created a baby who sprouted wings and could shoot people with arrows of love: Cupid.

Many people enjoy the spirit and traditions of Valentine’s Day such as sending loving notes, and eating chocolates. Even small events such as watching romance movies bring about this holiday’s spirit. Additionally, every year I enjoy witnessing the smile on my mom's face when she receives flowers from my dad.

However, if you love someone enough, why do you need a special day dedicated to showing it? Showing affection is something that society easily can implement into daily life. Love doesn’t need to be measured by the flowers, jewelry, or chocolates you receive from a significant other.

On the other hand, Valentine's Day can have a positive impact. It can be such a day that can show someone just how much you mean to them. It gives a chance for a middle schooler to express his feelings towards a girl, without being laughed at or embarrassed, or for anyone to just share their love even more than they typically would. Also, it could brighten someone’s day to receive a flower gram from someone who they liked, and it can instill loving traditions amongst kids and adults.

While Valentine’s Day is seen as overrated, there can be moments that make the holiday truly special.

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