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Warm vs. Cold Vacation Spots

Imagine the warmth of sand that absorbs your feet as you aimlessly wander the beach, the heat of the blazing sun as it enhances your tan, and the faint breeze blowing off the ocean as it magically lifts the hair off your sweaty neck. This vacation spot is a much needed get-away from the bitter cold that you are forced to endure throughout the entirety of the winter. With the already abnormally low temperatures in Philadelphia, a vacation to another cold spot would only intensify your misery. Warm locations are more enjoyable than cold because they provide a change in temperature and a more welcoming environment for relaxation.

If you’re like me, stuck on the east coast during the agonizing months of December, January, and February, a hiatus to a tropical island is just what you need. Why spend thousands of dollars on transportation for a quick trip to Alaska and the same frigid cold you experience at home? Studies have shown that a change of scenery and temperature is beneficial to the human mind, and the expansion of ideas and creativity. In some cases, experiencing the same atmosphere each day can suppress your flow of creativity, and it's important to expose yourself to a variety of temperatures.

Many people need a break from the constant bustle of their lives. The tremendous amounts of work students and adults are consumed with can be detrimental to their mental health. Our brains need a break and a peaceful place to relax. Luckily, a spot like a hot beach off the coast of Mexico is just the place for that. It’s a perfect location to simply “put your head back and relax”. But is this just as feasible at the top of a piercing cold mountain? Or in the middle of the Arctic Ocean? A vacation’s purpose is to allow you to rest without interruptions, something that is simply not possible within a bitter winter wonderland.

In light of these points, a warm vacation spot is considerably more relaxing and beneficial than a cold scene. The next time you are planning a trip and deciding between these contrasting environments, head to a tropical island for a more fulfilling experience and an exceedingly more valuable use of your time.

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