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Fall Fashion Trends

With the changing of every season comes the emergence of new fashion trends. The changing of leaves in the fall this year has brought trends from the past back into high school hallways. This year, many trends revolve around the idea of comfortability versus style.

Many female students can be seen adorning claw clips from the 2000s in their hair. Instead of using hair ties to style an updo, many females are now choosing to go with a more chic and stylish hairstyle using claw clips. For the past few years, scrunchies from the 80s and 90s have become a staple for high school students, and their popularity continues to thrive this year.

Another trend from the past making a comeback from the early 2000s is mom jeans, but with a twenty-first-century twist. The popularity of skinny jeans over the last few years has dwindled significantly, and now females are more likely to wear baggy jeans in place of the constricting feel of skinny jeans. However, unlike in the 2000s, these jeans are now created with numerous rips to provide a more edgy and modern look. Commonly paired with these mom jeans are baggy sweatshirts and t-shirts. Specifically, one common trend is layering graphic tees with undershirts.

For those who make an effort to appear stylish in the early mornings before school, sweater vests have become popular. Typically these sweater vests are paired with a simple white or black undershirt, leaving the vest itself to make a statement with its bold color or pattern. Contrastingly, those who still wish they were at home asleep, can be seen wearing simple matching sweatsuits.

One staple for the last few years has been UGG slippers. Every year as soon as a chill appears in the air, teenagers break out their well-loved moccasins. These shoes provide comfortability while at school all day and match the sleepy moods of high school students.

This year’s fall trends are a prime example of how past decades can influence the fashion of modern day.


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